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Four (4) Person minimum to make the reservation. Not Available FOR GROUPS
 Longer Trips - High to Intense Adventure
  • Up to 6 Rappels, including Waterfall Rappels
  • Cold Water Wading
  • Stream Scrambling
  • Granite Water Slides
  • Gorgeous pools
  • Most elevation change of any of our trips
  • Short hike in, 1 hour hike out (and up)
ADVENTURE RATING:  7 out of 10
Advanced Adventure.  Although prior experience is not necessary for any of our trips, this trip will be challenging, wet, cold, and exciting.

  8 to 12 hours

  Must be 13 and up*
*All age suggestions are guidelines.  Specific questions should be directed to your reservation specialist or Guide.

GREAT TRIP FOR:  Adventuresome people who have some conditioning and can withstand this physically demanding trip.

  You are terrified of heights, swift water, cold water, or being on rope.  Some of the rappels on this trip are mandatory; they can not be skipped like on other trips.
Additional Information:

ou will want to remember to pack a lot of snacks; there will be plenty of breaks to eat them.  Bring a WATERPROOF lunch.  Prepackaged items are best:  your sandwich will get soggy.

Temperatures when you are out of the water can be in the high 90s, but the water in the morning will be frigid.  If you own a wetsuit, bring it!  We have some sizes of wetsuits available.

The departure time for this trip is 6:00 am, due to the length of this trip. 

Please be aware that how you treat your body in the days before will have a large impact on how much you enjoy the trip.  Please have a good dinner the night before and keep in mind that
hangovers and canyoning do not mix.

Tough?  YOU BET!  But SO worth it. . .


  • 50 minute Hike at the Start

  • Lots of beautiful pools, views, and vistas

  • Waterfalls, Granite Water Slides

  • At least 1 Rappel, depending on water levels possibly a second rappel

  • Wade to the junction with the Kings River near the road for a dramatic river crossing finish

  • A vehicle will be waiting at the end of the trip

ADVENTURE RATING:  3 to 4 out of 10
Beginner to Intermediate Adventure
This trip has a longer hike to start, but lots of fun in the water.

  6 to 8 hours

  Must be 11 and up*
*All age suggestions are guidelines.  Specific questions should be directed to your reservation specialist or Guide.

GREAT TRIP FOR:  Adventurous people who want to explore away from the more known trails in the area!

  You are terrified of swift water, cold water, or being on rope. The water in the South Fork of the Kings is ALWAYS cold and ALWAYS swift.  All members of your party should be able to take direction from our guides – it is imperative for their safety.  Also not for those who don't like hiking - this trip starts with an unmaintained trail.

Additional Information: 
We promise you'll have a Kingly time on this trip!

You will leave Boyden Cavern parking lot with canyoneering gear, and start with a  50 minute hike along the Kings River. Then the trail turns and continues up a smaller secondary canyon and up to our entry point in a tributary to the Kings River. The group then enters the stream and begins their trip downstream toward the Kings River.
Along the way you'll have lots of small pools, wading, natural rock water slides and often a combination of all of the above.

2013 Information :  This trip will not be available until it is scouted by our guides - no last minute reservations available.  If you book at least 2 weeks in advance, we can scout the trip prior to your arrival.
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