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Information for groups: Trips are limited to 15 persons, sometimes we may be able to accommodate a second trip for groups greater than 15 by splitting the group into two separate trips. This will have to be coordinated with the reservations folks. The Mini Treasure and or the Pirate River Cave Adventure are the only choices available for groups. 

Pricing: Please fill in the request for reservation form, then we know a little about you, including number of people in your party and which trip you are interested in. Our prices are based on date, trip you select and final number of people who have paid to go. We will get you prices when the guide calls you after the request form has been submitted. Discounts are automatically calculated based on the number of participants.

If you have already completed a reservation request form or have a confirmed reservation date, please download the following items and distribute them to members of your group.

Release of Liability Form
This form should be read by all members of your party prior to coming into the canyon.  Please bring this form with you to your meeting location for the trip.  Do not fill out the form prior to arriving; the form will be signed in front of our guides after they complete their safety briefing.

Emergency Contact and Medical Form
If you already have a confirmed reservation (you have paid and spoken to a guide) then use this form to give us important information to be used in the event of an emergency, illness, injury, or accident.

2014 Bring List

Wilderness trips into the Back Country have risks, be prepared! Anticipate long hikes, dry and dusty trails, hot conditions, yucca plants, poison oak, rattlesnakes,

wet, cold and fast moving streams.

The following list has been assembled using feedback from guests, guides and staff. This list is not intended to be used as an exclusive source of information. Always use good personal judgment and add to your own list as necessary for your individual needs. This list is intended for our all-day Canyoneering trips.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at boydenadventuretours@gmail.com

If you have not downloaded a copy of our “Liability Release Form”, please click HERE, download the form and bring it with you to meet with you guides.

You should start preparing your body for the trip at least one day in advance with proper nourishment. Alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating liquids and may affect your energy level for many hours after consumption. We recommend minimizing intake of both for 24 hours prior to your trip. The night before your trip you may want to eat a high carbohydrate pasta dinner. On the day of your trip, please do not skip breakfast! Fruit and a good source of protein are excellent choices. Avoid eating a heavy breakfast.

There is a small gift shop at the Boyden Cavern parking lot where you may be able to pick up basic supplies including caps, power bars, “chums” to keep eyeglasses afloat and sweet and salty snacks.

Boyden Cavern will outfit you with special water shoes, helmet, dry pack (a water resistant back pack), wet suit (if requested), personal floatation device, and seat harness, gloves and climbing equipment. Guides carry water filters to refill water bottles on the trip.

Many of these items probably already appear in your camping gear. Please note that this is a comprehensive list and not everything may apply to your party. We have tried to cover everything, please e-mail us at the address above if you have any specific questions!


  1. Water shoes are typically supplied by your guides, in the event they do not have your correct size we suggest that you also bring a high quality hiking water shoe to be used in place of our shoes.

  2. Socks – Preferably synthetic or wool (Smart Wool socks work wonderfully). Cotton socks may cause blisters. TIP, Bring some sort of roll-on antiperspirant with you and use it on your feet (all over, toes, arch and heel) do this right before your trip begins to prevent blisters.

  3. Quick drying pants  – Preferably pants which can unzip into shorts. There will be brush along the unmaintained trails and abrasive rocks in the river, choose quick drying pants over shorts. Keep in mind that we slide a lot over rocks – and your pants may show that at the end of the trip!

  4. Use a swimming suit as your underpants. Ladies, a swim suit top, sports bra or workout top under your top shirt work well. During lunch and break times you can quickly peel out of wet clothes to allow them dry and warm in the sun.

  5. Quick drying long sleeve shirt – releases heat while hot and dries quickly after getting wet. Long sleeves protect from brush, river abrasion and the sun.

  6. Headwear – A baseball cap works to keep the sun out of your face. Consider bringing a wool cap to be kept in the dry bag for warming you when resting or if you get cold.

  7. EXTRAS – Consider a light jacket or windbreaker to carry in the dry pack. Also consider an extra set of clothes and footwear in the car for changing after the trip and your dry pack.


  1. Personal Medications – Preferably two sets – one set to be carried by you, the second set carried by one of our guides.

  2. Lip Balm – bring extra, one with an SPF rating is best.

  3. Sunscreen – Important to apply prior to a trip and throughout. Waterproof is needed, and an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended.

  4. Bug Spray – Particularly for the Gold hike out or the Promise or Journey's hike in.

  5. Technu - This product is for poison oak, ivy and other reactions which cause itching (Ivarest is another brand)

  6. CONTACTS – If you have an extra set, waterproof it and bring it for your dry pack, along with some extra contact solution

  7. GLASSES – A good backup for contacts, or vice versa. Bring “Chums” or similar brand of eyewear holder/floater. Good for keeping sundglasses on your face as well. We sell Chums at our gift shop.

  8. JEWELRY – Jewelry should not be worn on our adventure trips. Please leave any earrings, bracelets, necklaces, facial piercings in the car.

  9. LONG HAIR – Should always be tied up in a ponytail. This is very important for safety during rope work.


  1. If you have any member of your party who may require larger than an XL wetsuit, Personal Floatation Device, or larger than a size 12 mens shoe, please discuss this with us prior to your trip, either during your reservation phone call or by e-mail. We may ask that you rent a wetsuit or PFD from a dive shop before coming into the parks for your trip. This also goes for smaller members of your party, any child that does not fit into a women's size 6 shoe or larger, or who would wear an XS or XXS if you were to order them an adult size T-Shirt.

  2. If you own any canyoneering, climbing, rappeling gear, or any water/hiking shoes, gloves, or climbing helmets, go ahead and bring it! That way, if our sizes don't accommodate you, you can wear your own. Please keep in mind that our guides will make the final determination on all home-brought gear that will be taken on the trip.

  3. Wet Suits are available if you get cold easily. They are strongly encouraged for our Pirates River Cave Adventure. See note above about extra large or very small wetsuits, and direct any specific questions to our e-mail.


  1. For any trip longer than 2-3 hours, we recommend packing a lunch or at least a lot of snacks. For either, please keep in mind that it will need to be very waterproof. We cannot guarantee that our dry bags will keep all water out of your food, and you cannot eat a soggy sandwich that has river/creek water in it for the same reasons that you cannot drink straight from the river or creek. Prepackaged items do well, and ziplocs come in very handy! If you prepare your own lunch, please use at least 2-3 ziplocs inside each other. Also keep in mind that we pack out everything that we pack in.

  2. Good Snacks: Nuts, protein bars, granola, energy bars, etc. A nice mix of sweet and salty is good. Keep in mind that purely sugary snacks can increase risk of hypothermia.

  3. Water: Our guides carry a water purification system to refill water bottles. We recommend bringing 2 One-Liter bottles of water per person (Nalgene or other reusable or disposable bottles). As one bottle becomes empty, we will refill it from the creek or stream.

  4. It is also a good idea to stock up on electrolyte drink mix (Gatorade, Powerade or something similar). When we sweat on a long trip in the sun and water all day, we lose most of our body's salts. Electrolyte drinks help replenish those salts.


  1. Toe nails need to be clipped shorter than the end of your toes. It might sound silly, but long toe nails can become bruised and the pain is debilitating. Bring a pair of clippers in your car so anyone who has forgotten and quickly take care of this prior to trip start.

  2. Large Freezer Ziploc bags are great for keeping dry items organized. In the event that you are carrying something that absolutely cannot get damp or wet, reconsider bringing it at all. If you must have it, make sure to bring extra waterproof protection for that item. We cannot guarantee that the contents of the dry packs will not get wet.

  3. We do not recommend bringing expensive cameras, unless they are water resistant and compact. We cannot ensure that these items will not get damaged

Medical conditions in the Front World (the world where medical help can come quickly) may not seem to be a concern. However, in the Back Country simple minor medical conditions can become difficult and hard to manage. Make sure to fill out our Medical and Emergency contact form. Trips do push the body and will tax your strength, plan accordingly and discuss details with your doctor.

A note about Tipping Guides 

"Should I tip my guides?"

Ultimately, that is up to you!  At Boyden Cavern Adventures & Tours, we love our job, and we hope it shows!

If you find that you enjoyed your experience, whether it was a 2.5 hour trip on the Pirates' River Cave Adventure, or an 8-12 hour excursion on the Kings Gold trip, our guides accept and appreciate any gratuity offered.

We've done a bit of research on what guides are normally tipped, and most sites suggest a range of 10%-20% of the trip cost.  You can find more information about tipping here.

Now it is true that the beauty of the canyon and the perks of having a job in the outdoors are fantastic bonuses to being an outdoor adventure guide, but if you find that you're craving a cold beer after your trip, we'll admit that we do too!

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